Vidyadaan society

VIDYADAAN is a non profit organization, registered under the Society registration act.

The largest of corporations have come out of individuals, and Vidyadaan is no exception. The people behind Vidyadaan have been entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Social Mentors and Consultants from Psychology & Organizational Behavior.

Message from President

S.K. Singh

We’ve all had time think and work for ourselves and our family, but the people around us who are underprivileged need some serious attention from all of us.

On behalf of VIDYADAAN, I invite cooperation from all the Government and non-Government agencies to make life of common man better as our social responsibility.

We have taken this cause not just to donate the money and make them obliged, rather we want to create the infrastructure and services to promote Educational institutions, Healthcare centers and Entrepreneurship on self sustaining basis for making them self reliant and proud of earning their livelihood in due course.

Some Recent Projects

Books have been made available to equip the people of the village right from conventional literatures to modern science fictions to stimulate the minds of individuals for creative thinking.

Books available in the library include:

  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Spiritual
  • Science Fictions
  • Selected world class novels
  • Books by our National Heros
  • world famous books
  • General Knowledge
  • NCERT books (class 8 to 12)
  • Travel guides
  • Economics and Geography
  • Entreprenuership

The doctors’ non- availability in the village compel the villagers to visit quacks and getting their problems compounded.

To meet the challenge, Vidyadaan is in the process of arranging a Telemedicne Health care centre in the village through another Society, Global Telemedicine Health Foundation Network (GTHNF), where expert consultancy can be extended to needy patients by experienced and qualified doctors remotely.

Vidyadaan has chosen and adopted 5 meritorious students of the village to support and guide them in terms of books, loan and information for better career prospects.

To nourish and promote the talent at Primary School level in Rural Areas by engaging retired elderly people from the villages.

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Site Inspection For Educational Institutes

Villagers Discussing The Possibility Of Computer Literacy

Bhoomi Poojan of Vidyadaan Institute

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